Monday, December 31, 2007

(((03))) vs. 2008

Been seeing a LOT of year-end "best of" lists...if you'd like to see my best of '07...check out past posts. I will however let you know what I am looking forward to in '08:

Sunn 0)))
My Bloody Valentine (?)
Grey Machine
Isis (singles)
Melvins (?)
Khanate (posthumous)
Burning Witch
and the fucking Hellhammer Demos!

I'm sure I left some stuff if you see my tag with (v.2) after it, I've added. See you in January and have a Happy New Year!

(((03))) v.2

Thursday, December 27, 2007



Darkthrone: Fucking Off and Dying

It's a DAMN good thing that there is a Darkthrone. If not for them, the metal world would most likely implode from it's own "we-take-ourselves-way-too-serious" pretentiousness and we'd all proably be waiting 8 years at a time for shitty Metallica albums to come out. Instead, about every 2 weeks we get a new Darkthrone ep followed 15 minutes later by a full length of metal insanity. That's right, I said metal...not black, not thrash, not "fill in the blank"...METAL!

Fuck Off and Die (F.O.A.D.)
the bands 13th album is a breath of fresh, yet very old air offering up tribute to many ancient bullet-belt wearing, fist-banging, axe-grinding, beer drinkin' warriors of old and song for song, riff after riff, vocal after vocal ( the album proves it's title is not only the most appropriate, it's relentless in it's attempt and making you want to do just as the title suggests. Shall I go through a song by song homogenization of the tracks for you? Too bad, go pick up an issue Revolver for that kind of sterile reviewing. This writer has one review and one review only...Klassic! Music or Fuck Off and Die!!!

Thanks to Proscriptor for my copy of F.O.A.D. for my birthday!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Noise for Art's Sake


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Playlist 12.11.07

HAEMOTH - Kontamination
SETH - L'Excellence
JESU - Lifeline
UNSANE - Occupational Hazard
ULVER - Lycantropen Themes
BORIS - Dronevil - Final


Monday, December 10, 2007

(((03))) vs. Jesu V.2

Two more roughs for Jesu comps. The top is for Lifeline / Pale Sketches, the other is for Heart Ache / Silver. I made the designs light to print on silver or gray. Designs were also done in color but CMYK does not transfer.


*These designs are for time-shirfted material transfers for personal use.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

(((03))) vs. Jesu

Roughs of art constructed for vinyl only tracks from Sun Down / Sun Rise and the Jesu / Eluvium Split converted to .wav via ION and burned to CD. Audio art should be housed in visual art.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Artist and TZ Friend Justin Bartlett threw down the art for the first full-length and 7" by under-the-radar bad-asses Trap Them, so I decided to give them a day in court...and may I just say "FUUUUUCK!!!"

Taking their name from the 1977 film by Joe D'Amato called Trap Them And Kill Them, this Salem, NH band began as a side-project for Ryan McKenney (vocalist of Backstabbers Inc) and Brian Izzi (guitarist of December Wolves) in 2001 while Izzi was beginning his stint as second guitarist for Backstabbers Inc. Influenced by bands as diverse as Black Flag and Entombed, 77+K7 bring both to the forefront resulting in a devastating amalgam of Heaviness and Sheer Slamability.

Check their first album Sleepwell Deconstructor for sure and grab some merch from their myspace page at or their newest Séance Prime from Deathwish Inc. at both produced by Kurt Ballou.