Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Nomine Odium

Beginning today, AOL Music will stream In Nomine Odium, the third full-length offering from French black metal miscreants, HAEMOTH in its entirety. Rupture your ear drums at here. In Nomine Odium, called “pretty damn terrifying” by Decibel Magazine in a 8/10 review of the record, comes by way of Debemur Morti Productions.

Following six years of unsettled silence, HAEMOTH return with seven singeing psalms of uncompromising Satanik supplication. Corrupted by the glorious, bountiful presence of all-knowing evil — vice and deviance their predominant muse(s) – the hateful hellmongers channel pestilence, corruption and occult rituals into their most scathing and relentless concoction yet. In Nomine Odium is a caustic, toxic and breathtaking excursion into the darkest corridors of the human psyche, where even the more ambient passages are dark, menacing and deeply disturbing.

“…a cacophonous cauldron of churning fuzz, pitch-black ambience, and way-more-than-two-minutes-hate. “ – Decibelmagazine.com on the song “Slaying The Blind”

In Nomine Odium, despite its homogeneous nature, strikes the ideal balance between primal rage and epic grandiosity from which traditional black metal flourished.” — Metal Review

“If you’re looking to drink some nihilistic tincture, the indiscriminate hate of In Nomine Odium is exactly what you’re waiting for.” — Exclaim

This is a solid BM album that fuses the tranquil with the tumultuous, the serene with the intense, and the raw with the atmospheric. In Nomine Odium is more than worth your time.” — Sea Of Tranquility

“If HAEMOTH‘s goal is to contribute to humanity’s ruin, then I feel they have done an admirable job with In Nomine Odium.” — Teeth Of The Divine

“…raw black metal in its purest form.” — Metal Machine

HAEMOTH brings the now known as the typical French style to a new and greater intensity. Such a performance should not be underestimated. It is evident that the fans of extreme black metal, at the very least should take notice of this.” – Lords Of Metal


Monday, January 16, 2012

DylanCarlson Wonders from the House of Albion LP/CD/DVD/Book

Dylan Carlson is creating his first major solo project outside of earth.There will be a limited edition lp/dvd/book and cd/dvd/book(500 of each format) and a special pressing of 150 copies(lp only) with personalized ex libris by Simon Fowler (Who will also do the cover and end papers). The illustrations will be by Kiyo Lappalainen. The limited edition books will be pop-up style. There will also be an open edition with regular flat printing in a cd booklet and flat lp printing. The recording will combine field recordings from various megalithic and other sites of human/fairy encounters across the UK, also the use of ritual and folkloric magical practices. The expedition will be filmed by Clyde Petersen. These recordings will be layered with Dylan's interpretations of classic Scotch-English ballads about human/fairy encounters from early modern England and Scotland(15th-18th century). It will also feature guest vocalists to sing the songs. This is not being done through a label, as earth's output has, but is a labor of love/obsession of Dylan's. Being primarily of Scotch-English descent, this is an historical journey to his personal and cultural past, embracing music/folklore/the occult dimension and history. This is also result of personal experience's of 'the other side'. His blog, has details, if interested. The field recordings will be accomplished in April-May of 2012. The rest of the recording/mastering will be finished in summer and early fall, the artwork is an ongoing process, already begun. Dylan is planning to have it all done for a May 2013 release. Join in the restoration of magic, a return to a world of spirits. Where all objects have a will of their own and a language they speak in, and we have learned how to speak with them again. It will be titled "Coleman Grey presents 'Falling with a Thousand Stars and Other Wonders from the House of Albion'."


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anges des Ténèbres, Les démons de Lumière II

Following the release of EARTH’s praised Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I – released by Southern Lord in February 2011 — the public’s first chance to hear a number from the 2nd installment of the series has arrived.

While conceived in the same sessions as the first installment, recorded by Stuart Hallerman at Avast and mastered by Mell Detmer, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II invokes even more improvisational and unrestrained energy than its predecessor. Traces of this progression are evident in the track “His Teeth Did Brightly Shine” — the second song from the upcoming album — as premiered worldwide today by Spin Magazine.

Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light will be released by Southern Lord in North America on February 14th via CD, 2xLP and digital download.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Thunderous post-instrumental outfit PELICAN have announced the long awaited follow-up to their sprawling 2009 full length What We All Come To Need, a new four song EP Ataraxia/Taraxis to be released via Southern Lord on April 10. With members now residing in separate cities, the EP represents a new chapter in the band’s evolution with a reenergized focus on composition and the utilization of the recording studio as a creative tool in the songwriting process, yielding one of the most diverse efforts in the band’s prolific discography.

The four new songs highlight the manifold sonic strengths of the band by delving into moments of triumphant melodic rock, smokey doom, ambient soundscape, acoustic desert-folk, and minimalist electronics. In contrast to the EP’s origin as the product of four different recording studios, including stints with engineers Sanford Parker (Twilight, Circle of Animals, Nachtmystium) and Aaron Harris (ISIS), the carefully crafted track listing boasts a cohesive narrative flow, lending the release an epic feel worthy of a full album.

Ataraxia/Taraxis Track Listing:
1. Ataraxia
2. Lathe Biosas
3. Parasite Colony
4. Taraxis

PELICAN is supporting the release with a two-week run of dates in Europe and the UK, including coveted spots at Roadburn and Dunk! Festivals.

PELICAN Upcoming Tour Dates:
4/06/2012 Dunk! Festival – Zottegem, BE
4/07/2012 The Garage – London, UK w/ Chelsea Wolfe
4/08/2012 Vudu Club – Birmingham, UK w/ Chelsea Wolfe
4/09/2012 Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK
4/10/2012 Stereo – Glasgow, UK
4/11/2012 The Ruby Lounge – Manchester, UK
4/12/2012 The Haunt – Brighton, UK
4/13/2012 The Cooler – Bristol, UK
4/14/2012 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands
4/15/2012 La Maronquinerie – Paris, France
4/16/2012 Jubez – Karlsruhe, Germany w/ Tombs
4/17/2012 Bad Bonn – Dudingen, Switzerland
4/18/2012 Magnolia – Milan, Italy
4/19/2012 Feierwerk – Munich, Germany w/ Tombs
4/20/2012 Cassiopeia – Berlin, Germany w/ Tombs
4/21/2012 Nosturi – Helsinki, Finland