Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ad referendum

The unleashing of Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt, the ninth studio album from Norwegian black metal legion GORGOROTH, is drawing near. Recorded at drummer Tomas Asklund's Monolith Studio and mastered at the Cutting Room in Stockholm, Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt is the first recording featuring the band's official new lineup of guitarist/founder Infernus, former vocalist Pest , former guitarist Tormentor, bassist Frank Watkins (Obituary) and Asklund (Dissection, Dark Funeral et al). The record was produced by Infernus and co-produced/engineered by Asklund. Said Infernus of the nine new tracks: "[they are] mature. The record is indeed harder and more sinister than anything we have ever done before. It is an album I can be proud to say I am standing a 100% behind."


1. "Aneuthanasia"
2. "Prayer"
3. "Rebirth"
4. "Building a Man"
5. "New Breed"
6. "Cleansing Fire"
7. "Human Sacrifice"
8. "Satan-Prometheus"
9. "Introibo ad Alatare Satanas"

An excerpt of "Prayer" can be found on Regain's MySpace Page

In related news, Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt will receive a limited-edition picture disc vinyl release on Infernus' own label, Forces Of Satan Records. Check the official website for further updates: http://www.forcesofsatan.com.

GORGOROTH will perform at the sold-out Hole In The Sky Sky festival in Bergen, Norway this weekend. This will mark the band's first live appearance in nearly two years.

Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt will be released in the US on October 27, 2009.
to that which must be brought back
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Magic(k) Redux


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebratin' Moiduh with The Accüsed

All Murder, All Guts, All new line-up. The Accüsed were the first band ever to be released on Earache with their debut, The Return of Martha Splatterhead (that's right, album titles get italicized not put in "parentheses") in 1986 and they've more or less been slaying ass ever since. Well... on average, about two albums a decade. But that's still better than a lot of bands out there who started about the same time... (choke, cough!).

If you're familiar with The Accüsed, you'll be wondering if the vibe's still there. If you aren't, you may be curious. The new album, The Curse of Martha Splatterhead, released on Southern Lord (who like to put album titles in parentheses) kicks like a fucking mule and shows the newbies how retro thrash is done best, by guys who were a part of the scene back in '86 and not part of a play date with another 4 year old.

Produced by Billy Anderson, the album spits the kind of venom that hurts but that makes you go back for more. Like dipping your tortilla chip in Dave's Insanity sauce only to find yourself repeating that step over and over despite the gut-wrenching pain. Others will gasp, but your endorphins will lead your willpower to torture-ville, and you'll love it.

Some of you in the know will recognize the new guy on vox. He's none other than B.R.A.D. formally of Burning Witch and Asva (on drums) and current vocalist in Master Musicians of Bukkake. What more could anyone want? You've got the hipster vote right there.

All kidding aside, don't get this because Brad Mowen is screaming on it and don't get it because you buy everything Southern Lord puts out (guilty), get it because you owe it to yourself to hear Thrash Metal/Crossover from a band that was riding in the truck bed of the scene from the very beginning and did it with a sense of humor and horror. A band that never went industrial in the late 80's or wore make up in the 90's singing about their feelings and who deserve tons of your respect and don't need a Toe Tag (oh yeah, I went there) just yet.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1/5 DRI, 3/5 Dead Horse, 1/5 Angkor Wat

Our buddy Mike Titsworth (far left) in Pasadena Napalm Division.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Myth-ritual Theory


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shuffle 25

The concept is to hit "shuffle" on your player and write down what it selects. This is what played on mine*:

01. "Pleasure to Kill" - Kreator
02. "Rotten to the Gore [Demo Version]" - Carcass
03. "Dance Hall Days" - Wang Chung
04. "Verses" - Converge
05. "Crush My Soul" - Godflesh
06. "Spoils of Victory" - Amebix
07. "Manifesting The Raging Beast" - Glorior Belli
08. "The Curse of Lost Days: Part III" - Kylesa
09. "Lust Almighty" - Killing Joke
10. "Tyrants" - Immortal
11. "Black Rain" - Mono
12. "Hymn" - Pig Destroyer
13. "Sea Hag" - Burning Witch
14. "Starstruck" - Rainbow
15. "Dawn: Dawn is a Feeling" - The Moody Blues
16. "I Don't Care How Many Times You've Seen Fight Club, You Are Not Tyler Durden" - Backstabbers Incorporated
17. "Day Three: Instant Circulation" - Trap Them
18. "Candy Apple Red" - Tom Waits
19. "Fight Terror With Terror" - Nasum
20. "Well You Know, Mean Gene..." - Anal Cunt
21. "She" - The Misfits
22. "Long Gone" - Goatsnake
23. "War Crimes" - Doom
24. "Servo" - The Life and Times
25. "Stranger Aeons" - Entombed

* I couldn't make this shit up... I'm very surprised at some of these, less so of others... and this fucking took forever! Thanks to JVSTN


Les Paul

Lester William Polfuss (06.09.15 - 08.13.09)


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

アーティストTORCHE / Boris(トーチ / ボリス)


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What We've All Needed

The mighty PELICAN are in the studio putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, entitled What We All Come To Need.

What guitarist Laurent Lebec has dubbed “the most perfect synthesis of everything we've done to date, sonically”, this new album is a giant step forward within the complex, intricate, beautiful and crushing sound PELICAN is famous for.

The album features more guests than have ever appeared on a PELICAN album before: Greg Anderson of sunn O))), Aaron Turner of Isis, Ben Verellen of Harkonen and Helms Alee and Allen Epley from The Life & Times and Shiner. Content-wise, Lebec says “there is a current of inspiration that feels particular to each album's music and titles. Though we lack a singer, the song names are often conceptual. This new album speaks to a rapidly decaying world, the fulfillment we find in each other, as well as the resolve to move beyond disillusionment.” If the recent Ephemeral EP is any indication of what’s to come, we can expect nothing less than the apex of PELICAN’s creative output.

If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle or NYC in the coming months, don't sleep on checking out the new songs live:

8/06/2009 Neumo's - Seattle, WA
9/22/2009 Brooklyn Masonic Temple - Brooklyn, NY
(*Both shows with sunn 0))), Eagle Twin and Earth)

What We All Come To Need Track Listing:
1) Glimmer
2) The Creeper
3) Ephemeral
4) Specks Of Light
5) Strung Up From The Sky
6) An Inch Above Sand
7) What We All Come To Need
8) Final Breath


(((03:Earsplit PR)))

Framing Rips & ATP - New York, 2009


Static Touring

KYLESA will hit the road this fall for a headlining tour in support of Static Tensions. Support will come from a rotating cast of bands including Lionize, Bison BC, Tombs, Red Fang and more. This is their first tour since supporting Mastodon this spring. The dates are as follows:

9/17 Wilmington, NC @ Soapbox
9/18 Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel (Planet Caravan)
9/19 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
9/20 Nashville, TN @ The End
9/21 Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone Cafe
9/22 Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
9/23 New Orleans, LA @ Hi Ho Lounge
9/24 Austin, TX @ Red 7
9/25 San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar
9/26 Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
9/27 Oklahoma City, OK @ Conservatory
9/29 Tempe, AZ @ The Sets w/ Landmine Marathon
9/30 Hollywood, CA @ Knitting Factory w/ Blackmath Horseman
10/1 San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge w/ Saviours
10/2 San Jose, CA @ Voodoo Lounge w/ Ludicra
10/3 Eureka, CA @ Nocturnum
10/4 Portland, OR @ Satyricon
10/5 Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
10/6 Missoula, MO @ The Palace
10/8 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
10/9 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
10/10 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
10/11 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
10/12 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
10/13 Pontiac, MI @ Pike Room
10/14 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop


Monday, August 03, 2009

A New Day

Prosthetic Records' has signed Seattle's TRAP THEM. The band's sound combines elements of old school Swedish death metal, punk, and d-beat and takes influence from bands such as Entombed, Black Flag, Nasum and Tragedy. Trap Them has spent time on the road with Napalm Death, Disfear, Skeletonwitch, Victims, Rotten Sound, Toxic Holocaust, and Coliseum, amongst others and has appeared at Maryland Death Fest & New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. (In fact, Mark "Barney" Greenway of Napalm Death was quoted as saying, "Trap Them restored my faith in extreme music.") Before entering the studio to record their Prosthetic debut, due in the first half of 2010, the band will be releasing an EP through Southern Lord Records.

The band commented, "After a few months of very positive talks, we are proud to announce we have signed with Prosthetic Records. This is a step forward for the band and a move that opens up a lot of doors that we have not yet explored in the last three years of distortion. Prosthetic has been supportive of Trap Them's modus operandi for quite some time, just as we have a great respect for the high standards in which their label is run.

We would like to thank Tre, Jake and all the rest of the Deathwish Inc. family for working so hard the last few years, releasing our records and helping us stay on the road as much as we possibly could. We felt honored to have them invest as much time in this band as they did and we greatly appreciate the efforts they made to treat us as a band they believed in.

This is the first step in the next progression of Trap Them and we extremely excited that it involves Prosthetic. We've built this beast on depression, desperation and blasphemy and there is literally no ending point in our sights. We function by the expression, "Go heavy or go home," be it how we write our music, how we approach our tours, or how we live our lives. The days won't stop and we're ready to rage. See you all soon."

Trap Them has released several seven inches and EPs and two full lengths, the latest being "Seizures in Barren Praise," on Deathwish Inc. which made Decibel and Terrorizer's year end top 40 lists, in 2008.