Monday, August 29, 2011

Infernal Magic(k)


Friday, August 26, 2011

Drôle (Cela n'aurait pas dû arriver)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Many Dead Things... So Little Time...

When I was laid off back in September of '09, TorqueZine took a back seat. I heard from a lot of people that I didn't even know visited that they missed dropping by to see about what I had ranted or news from the "somewhat" underground. When I began working, again, in late '10, I jumped back on board the blogosphere, for a short time, with the intention of going full-time once more in 2011. And, I did... to an extent. There is a lot going on out there and a lot of brilliant music and musical happenings on which I could report. However, there are an even greater number of sources that beat me to the punch more times than not. So why try to compete?

TorqueZine was, and never will be, about reporting, for the most part, what others wouldn't. I was well sick of seeing tiny posts about ISIS next to giant posts about stupider-than-fuck Stone Sour. I was appalled by idiot reviews of great, cult music by the same assholes who gave St. Anger 5 stars. So TorqueZine, named after a once arcane song by ABSU, was brought to life to take the "moron" out of music news and reviews and the beginning came with a bang. I did my research, marketed the blog to the right people and got the only promoter one needs to know to begin sending me material so that I could write and my humble little upstart was getting a thousand hits a week. Enough for said promotions guy to report TorqueZine to labels as a viable means of promotion. It was working.

With the loss of my job and the lack of will to work with a music business that was giving up, TorqueZine was dead (but dreaming). Nearly 2 years later, I have made some progress in the reviving process but it has been a slow road. As I look, each day, at the slew of other sites and blogs, I can't help but notice a SEVERE lack of upkeep that I feel as though I have to take personally. I drop by these sites every day hoping that the label will have news of their bands. That the bands will have news of their shows or how to get merch. Alas, some of these bands and labels haven't bothered to even post a "...we're sorry for the lack of updates" since their last posts in early Spring. Some have taken years to post anything... the point is. If YOU can't... get someone who can. There are THOUSANDS of people out there who would be glad to do posts and updates for you for a couple items from your webstore, or maybe a shirt or entrance to a show... or FOR FREE.

I've lost track... my point is, I am cleaning house. The links on the right side of TZ are going to start disappearing. There is no need to support that which is already gone. In return... I will be making the most out of my position as proprietor of TorqueZine and will start giving you, the reader, more reasons to stop by. As a favor, I would ask that you link me, spread the word, and get this mother fucker back off the ground. The more hits I have, the easier I can get my promoters back and get subject matter about which I can write and we can all live happily, together, until the day we see articles about Machine Head disappear off the face of our planet!

merci d'avance and MUSIC OR DIE!

Matthew Kim Amyx


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Me sequere

Thursday, August 18, 2011

חדש מוות שוא אדם


Friday, August 12, 2011

Lord Mangrum


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Erupting forth from the filthiest ranks of the underworld, the long-awaited new album from Swedish black metal horde, CRAFT, is finally upon us!

Diehards of CRAFT’s vicious, orthodox black metal bombardment have been seething in anticipation of this album for years, their immensely praised/feared 2005-released Fuck The Universe full-length having infected the metal community on impressive new levels for this previously cult outfit. But 2011 will bring that wait to a crushing end, with the release of the band’s fourth LP, Void. Delivering a nine-track convoy of punishing black hymns over forty nine-minutes, Void does not just pick up where Fuck The Universe left off, rather it also explores some crushing new angles, as well as revisits some of CRAFT’s earlier, scathing days, and wholly channels the band’s obvious, endless hate unto the human population.

Void Track Listing:
1. Intro (John’s Nightmare)
2. Serpent Soul
3. Come Resonance of Doom
4. The Ground Surrenders
5. Succumb To Sin
6. Leaving The Corporal Shade
7. Want To Commit Murder
8. Bring On The Clouds
9. Void

Void is set to pollute the North American masses on September 27, 2011, once again under the reign of Southern Lord Recordings, the label having also been responsible for the release of Fuck The Universe to the continent.


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