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Black Metal's Grandpappy




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Krieg Dem Kriege

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(the) Melvins

When is there ever not news about the Melvins? With so much going on with them, how can one not be happy to be alive? With their new album Nude with Boots out only last week, there's a slew of other news boiling over the top of the proverbial kettle.

First acts have been confirmed for the Melvins/Patton-curated Nightmare Before Christmas, taking place 5-7th December at Butlins, Minehead.
The line up so far looks like this:

Curated by Melvins
Neil Hamburger
Big Business

Curated by Mike Patton
Fantômas perform The Director’s Cut
The Locust

More acts will be announced soon.

Also, there's a new comic out by Tom Neely that's a must to check out. For MOST of what you need to know about what's going on in the Melvins universe, go to


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The Ten THOUSAND Hit TorqueZine

TorqueZine reached ten thousand hits!!! This is a great achievement and wouldn't be possible without you die-hard music fans coming by, telling your friends, linking me and spreading the word. Thank you EVERYONE for keeping this ship afloat by continuing to speak the gospel that is the 'Zine! I shall try most vigorously to continue to give you my asshole opinions sprinkled here and there with a little information and some facts.
Music or Die!!!


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Keep on Rotting in the Free World

Sep. 05 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Sep. 06 - New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
Sep. 07 - Montreal, QC @ Medley
Sep. 08 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Sep. 09 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
Sep. 10 - Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
Sep. 11 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11 Tavern
Sep. 15 - Austin, TX @ Emo’s
Sep. 19 - San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom


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Hydra Headrush vs. Hydra Headache

A tour to be sure by two amazing NWOBHM (New Wave of Brilliant Hydra-head Metal) bands for our brothers overseas. Plus, new music from Zozobra. Check out the pre-order on the site. Unfortunately the t-shirts are American Apparel which means they are guaranteed not to fit and overall to dis-satisfy. When will labels learn? Just because the AA catalog reeks of gonzo porn, doesn't mean we all want to buy their emo-core friendly shirts. For fuck sake give us Hanes, give us Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, even fucking Gildan...but please PLEASE, lay off these Amerikan Appalling shirts! Your fans will thank you.


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Playlist 07.22.08 [Ltd. Etc. Etc. Edition]

CARCASS - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious [Ltd. CD/DVD w/ Death Cards]
CARCASS - Heartwork [Ltd. CD/DVD]
CARCASS - Swansong [Ltd. Remastered Slip-Case]
REPULSION - Horrified [2xCD Re-release]
OBITUARY - Frozen in Time
EARTH - Live Europe 2006 [Ultra Ltd. Tour Edition]
BLACK CRUCIFIXION - Promethean Gift [Re-release]
DIE KREUZEN - Century Days

Halloween [Unrated Director's Cut], Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices, Burn Notice [Season 2], Venture Brothers [Season 3], The Boondocks

Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, The Watchmen

Patchie, The Skum, SJW and Thee Claw


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Storming through Red Clouds and Holocaustwinds


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Re-discovered Magic(k) part II


"Lectionum Antiquarum"

GENRE: Occult Ritual Music

Originally published in the mid-nineties by Unisound Records (Greece), now re-mastered and made available for the digital market. "Lectionum Antiquarum" features various live and rare ritual compositions from this eclectic entourage of experimental musicians. Featuring members of ABSU, ZEMIAL and THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK.



Re-discovered Magic(k) part I


"Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara"

Occult Ritual Music

Originally published in 1993 by Unisound Records (Greece), this debut album from the American ritual / dark ambient ensemble, EQUIMANTHORN, comes re-mastered in digital format. Made up of members of ABSU, this debut release was one of few early projects that began the trend of side-projects from other occult/black metal bands.

A vast legacy of supreme beings are the watchers of the medium. They are the ones who constructed the empires of the hidden light. The destructive winds conquered and triumphed over Roba El Khaliyeh, which burned this civilization into aboriginal sands. In contrast, the disintegration of the human race has begun. The birth of Queen Ereshkigal can be described in the Nanakanisurrian Epic of Creation, while the tale of Ninndinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara foreshadows her own imprimatur. A great amount of emperors, enchantresses and wizards come into the semblance such as Aumgn, Erichtho, Shamash and Adapa - they are the compelling force that makes their palace arise.



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Will they ever admit to this grand-scale fuck up?

I don't know what's worse, the fact that Cryptopsy actually recorded this atrocity and didn't abort mid-promoting or, the fact that the more negative the feedback from the very people who put them where they are and called them out on the severity of how bad they've fucked up really is, the more they seem to get snotty and take jabs at their fans. Are they REALLY thinking they're going to win over a new fan base? Do they think this is gonna fly? And, even if they do get new fans, do they think it's a good idea to be so verbal with their slamming of the old ones? This writer thinks maybe they should have 1) scrapped the album 2) recorded under a different name maybe or 3) at least kept their mouths shut.

So why am I bothering with yet another post about Cryptopsy? Well as I read Invisible Oranges this morning, there was a blog titled "Fan Criticism of New Crytopsy album, 2008" that was just too much of a hoot not to share. Here's a little of that article and some of the reactions to the "album" in question:

"The most entertaining aspect of the new Cryptopsy record, The Unspoken King, is not how bad it is, but the reactions to it. At, the mean score is currently 11%, which makes it the metal equivalent of, say, Gigli. (In comparison, Celtic Frost's Cold Lake and Metallica's St. Anger stand at 47% and 50%, respectively.) This may be the most hated metal record ever. On their MySpace, Cryptopsy have posted a rather juvenile riposte to their naysayers called "It's Dinner Time." When a band is reduced to Internet pissing matches with its fans, it's done."

- Cosmo Lee

"This whole album is a drag to listen to; a grueling chore that I would only wish on my very worst enemies, and most of the time it's more boring than offensive, blending into the background like the harmless yelps of a tiny chihuahua nipping at your heels while you're trying to put the bacon on the stove in the morning."

- Empyreal

"As far as the individual works go, picking a worst song can prove to be a bit difficult, as there is a healthy variety of terrible ideas guising as songs."

- hells_unicorn

Those are some of the comments from but, to the credit of the Invisible Orange readers, some of their comments are totally rich as well:

"Interestingly, I read that the only new song Cryptopsy is playing these days is "It's Dinner Time".

I spun the album again not too long ago, and for a second I thought, 'Wait, this might be boring, but not as catastrophic as I thought,' but then the singing started and I just wanted to weep. Kevin Stewart-Panko notes in his Decibel piece that the singing only makes up six and a half minutes fo a 46 minute album, but I have to reiterate that the singing is so inept, it absolutely ruins the entire experience.

St. Anger and Cold Lake are better albums than this one, no question."

- adrein

These are but a few of the scathing backlashes that this pretty much doomed beyond redemption album and band have received. Could they recover from such a horrible album? Celtic Frost recovered from Cold Lake but Cryptopsy has neither the credentials nor the legacy of that band so, it's hard to say.

The only real consensus one can make at this point is that these guys have REALLY fucked up and on a level that really seems to be "death-knell" at best. Will Cryptopsy ever pull a Tom Warrior and admit to their faults and move on to bigger and better things? Who knows. Because even Tom had to crap out Appolyon Sun before we got Monotheist.


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Candlelight Records have set September 16 as the American release date of Left to Die, the new EP from Obituary. The EP follows the worldwide success of 2007's Xecutioner's Return and as previously announced includes two brand new songs from the legendary death metal band plus a re-recording of the band's classic "Slowly We Rot," and remake of the Celtic Frost classic "Dethroned Emperor." The EP additionally contains the band's popular "Evil Ways" video.

Now finishing up a series of European festival dates, including Germany's famed Wacken and Party.San Open Air festivals, the band kick off their second American tour in Atlanta, Georgia and wrap nearly 30 days later in Charleston, South Carolina. Confirmed tour dates are noted below.

09/16/2008 The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
09/17/2008 House of Blues - New Orleans, LA
09/18/2008 Ridglea Theater - Ft. Worth, TX
09/19/2008 Scout Bar - Houston, TX
09/20/2008 Scout Bar - San Antonio, TX
09/22/2008 The Metro - Mexicali, Mexico
09/24/2008 House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA
09/25/2008 Slim's - San Francisco, CA
09/26/2008 The Boardwalk - Orangevale, CA
09/27/2008 Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
09/28/2008 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
09/30/2008 Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
10/01/2008 Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO
10/02/2008 Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
10/03/2008 The Pearl Room - Mokena, IL
10/04/2008 Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH
10/05/2008 BB King Blues Club - New York, NY
10/07/2008 Trocadero Theater - Philadephia, PA
10/08/2008 Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA
10/10/2008 Palladium - Worcester, MA
10/11/2008 Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD
10/12/2008 Uncle Pleasant's - Louisville, KY
10/13/2008 Amos Soutend - Charlotte, NC
10/14/2008 Music Farm - Charleston, SC


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Supporters of Metal, Blog Rights and Free Speech in this and Every Country

I started off this morning like I do every morning and get online to check out what's new with my brothers at Thee Claw. Much to my dismay, I find that The Skum has been getting grief (no FF references, please) for giving his opinion, something that I thought the whole concept of the "blog" centered around.

So I cracked my knuckles and left a comment in support of The Skum and Thee Claw and his and their Lemmy-given right to praise or condemn anything and everything as they see fit! The following was left by your's truly after the original post was taken down:

"I think you should put the post back up. I get grief all the time for stuff I post on TorqueZine and usually I just write back saying that if they don't like it to start their own blog and write about how much TorqueZine sucks.

We as writers take the time and spend the money to go see bands, buy their albums and merch and expect some bang for our buck. When a band doesn't deliver in any one of these categories, it's not their obligation nor the obligation of their label, tour managers, promoters or merchandisers to ever give us our money back, so it IS our obligation to let our brothers and sisters know not to waste their hard earned money on anything that is less that up to standard.

I support whole-heartedly your right and the rights of everyone to speak your mind and if anyone on the receiving end can't take it, then maybe instead of giving you a hard time for doing others a favor in calling them out for not giving us 100% they will get off their ass and give we, the fans some fucking quality control. It is after all our money that is putting food in their mouths and clothes on their backs and our hard work in front of the computer that is getting others to do the same and it's OUR reputations on the line to say whether or not we feel our reader's money will be well spent or not.

Hail The Skum, Hail Thee Claw, Hail Free Speech!!!"

Go to Thee Claw, show support for our brothers in the UK!!! You know where the link is, right on top where it shall stay.


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The "Dirty" South's Gonna Do it Again

The very first show that my old band deadrightthere ever played was at Spider Baby's in Dallas with none other than Sourvein who had come through when the other band hadn't to give us a badass first gig. So it is with great pleasure to forward the following info re: T-Roy and the Boys:

Candlelight Records today confirms the signing of North Carolina-based sludge/doom metal band Sourvein. The popular five-piece on tour now through August 11 have recorded a special/limited edition EP titled Imperial Bastard which will see domestic release on September 30. It will be followed by the band's Billy Anderson-produced full-length label debut currently planned for release in early 2009.

Formed in 1993, Sourvein relocated to Cape Fear, North Carolina after Hurricane Katrina ravaged their long-time home base. Blacktide Music says, "ominous riffs, which launch into despair-ridden breakdowns the likes of which would make Eyehategod tremble with fear." Currently featuring vocalist T-Roy Medlin, former Buzzov-en drummer Ramzi, bassist Bonne Doom with guitarists Cool Clyde and Sleepy Doom, the band have released two full length albums - their self-titled (often referred to as Salvation) debut released in 2000/Game Two Records and Will to Mangle released in 2002/Southern Lord. Numerous EPs and split recordings have kept the band in the eyes of their growing fan base as well their commitment to consistent touring both in the US and overseas.

Sourvein on tour now
07/10/2008 Nara Sushi - Richmond, VA
07/11/2008 Talking Head Club - Baltimore, MD
07/12/2008 Manhattan Room - Philadelphia, PA
07/14/2008 Knitting Factory - New York, NY
07/15/2008 Great Scott - Boston, MA
07/17/2008 31st St. Pub - Pittsburgh, PA
07/18/2008 Annabelle's - Akron, OH
07/19/2008 Mac’s Bar - Lansing, MI
07/20/2008 Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL
07/21/2008 High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
07/22/2008 Big V's, St - Paul, MN
07/23/2008 Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA
07/24/2008 Jackpot Music Hall - Lawrence, KS
07/25/2008 Kingdom of Doom - Denver, CO
07/27/2008 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
07/28/2008 Tube - Portland, OR
07/30/2008 Annie's Social Club - San Francisco, CA
07/31/2008 Stork Club - Oakland, CA
08/01/2008 The Relax Bar - Los Angeles, CA
08/02/2008 The Stray Cat - Tempe, AZ
08/05/2008 Rubber Gloves - Denton, TX
08/06/2008 Rock Bottom - San Antonio, TX
08/07/2008 Red 7 - Austin, TX
08/08/2008 Olive Street Bar - Monroe, LA
08/09/2008 Checkpoint Charlie's - New Orleans, LA
08/10/2008 Springwater - Nashville, TN
08/11/2008 The Earl - Atlanta, GA

Sourvein are the latest to join London-based Candlelight's growing US roster, a strong concentration of artist development for the rising label. Home to all catalog from Emperor, Ihsahn, Zyklon, 1349, Insomnium plus early recordings from Opeth and Burzum, Candlelight's American roster includes Obituary, Crowbar, Daylight Dies, Abigail Williams, Absu, Averse Sefira and Sothis. The label is distributed exclusively in the United States via Caroline/EMI, PHD Canada for the northern country and Plastichead Music for Europe


Truths and Opinions (Green jewel box with a gummy worm in the spine Edition)

My favorite Boris album is Amplifier Worship
I named a song of ours "Tetsuo" but the guys always call it "
Tatooine" to piss me off
Having your band shirts made by American Apparel is the quickest way to get people not to buy them
The future of Leviathan is unknown as is the future of Glorior Belli
Music for an untitled film by T. Zarkkof by Lngtché is brilliant, hard to find and totally worth the search
I have heard snippets of the new Absu and let me say that you'll be putting aside your Fas and your Ordo once it comes out
As much as everyone thinks that Tom Warrior-Fischer-Smith-Jones is a total grouch, I'm looking forward to him working with Reed again (too bad that they couldn't get it manage to be in CF together)
My Window's Media Player as an affinity for Persecution Mania
I FINALLY got a copy of Century Days by Die Kreuzen on CD. I bought the tape in high school and actually still have it

Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds? Dømkirke anyone?
Arch Enemy still suck
My second favorite Exodus album is Pleasures of the Flesh
Every time I tell someone the name of my band they ask if it's an acronym except they don't know to call it "acronym" (by the way, it's not)
I thought Between the Buried and Me were another emo-core band when in fact they kill (thank you Trip)
Amazon is the only place to specify that 012:2 is just a re-issue of 012 with different art
Speaking of Coalesce, the Earache version of 002 is far better than the re-issue of it but you have to get it to have A Safe Place on CD.
The song I'm listening to as I write this line is "The 7th Day of July, 1777"
I was ripped off by a seller on Amazon while trying to purchase the Rumble Fish soundtrack by Stewart Copeland
A fight between Sin Nanna and
Malefic would last for 2 minutes and repeat itself 36 times
I own 9 albums by Leviathan, one being a 2xCD and I still only have about a 3rd of his material if that
If you've not heard the Apollyon Sun album, you're very lucky
I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a new Cream Abdul Babar
I'm not sitting on the edge of my seat to hear the new Cryptopsy (what I've heard is terrible)
Incidentally, the album Once Was Not was brilliant...too bad
I had to take off almost all of the Agoraphobic Nosebleed from my player because that was all that would play (something like a billion tracks)
I own three ISIS shirts for every ISIS releases I own (all)
This Blog Kills Fascists
I feel kind of bad making fun of Fischer all the time, but he told us to dream and then woke us up


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All I Need

On June 13th and 14th, the band played in public for the first time in thirteen years, offering a pair of 'Live Rehearsal' presentations at the ICA in London and officially starting their series of comeback performances.

They played a 15 song set consisting of material from the albums 'Isn't Anything', and 'Loveless', and also from the 'You Made Me Realise', and 'Tremolo' EP's. None of the new and, as yet, unreleased material that MBV have recently made was played.

The full set list was: 'Only Shallow', 'You Never Should', 'Honey Power', 'I Only Said', 'Cigarette In Your Bed', 'Thorn', 'Nothing Much To Lose', 'To Here Knows When', 'When You Sleep', 'Slow', 'Blown A Wish', 'Soon', 'Feed Me With Your Kiss', 'Sueisfine', 'You Made Me Realise'

(((03))) (live photo by kieran ross)

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The Sport is War...

The mighty French of War Ensemble. Hails!


[optic nerve]

[5k1NNy PvPPy: W0Rl0CK: R4b1eS: 1989]


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Independence Day Weekend Playlist 07.03.08

DOOM - Rush Hour of the Gods
CORRUPTED - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos
PROTEST - The Truth Enslaves Us
TOTO - Dune (Original Motion Picture Score)
JOURNEY - Revelation
LEVIATHAN - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
WINTER - Into Darkness/Eternal Frost

On the way:

LEVIATHAN - A Silhouette in Splinters
SKINNY PUPPY - Ain't it Dead Yet?


Death Proof w/ Extras, Keepers of the Frame and Ice Road Truckers


The Essential Clive Barker: Selected Fiction

Quote of the Week:

"We are all poets, by having just existed" - Karen L. Ishizuka


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Besides myself, I only know of two people who are fans of Pan.Thy.Monium and still only a few more who have even heard of them. The band was an amalgam of sickening talent and massively confusing instrumentation mastery whose material is as
hard to get a hold of physically as it is mentally.

The following is taken from the Pan.Thy.Monium MySpace page and is a pretty thorough list of releases and their tracks along with unedited thoughts on a few by
Dan Swanö (a.k.a. Day DiSyraah)

DAWN (demo 1990)
1. Dauwhnn
2. Zenotaffph
3. Klievieage
4. Ekkhoeec

DREAM II (7" Obscure Plasma 1991)
1. I 4:26
2. II 3:31
3. III
4. Vvoiiccheeces 1:29
total time 13:12

One of the coolest death metal recordings I've ever done. It's so incredibly dark and bizarre I find it hard to believe that a popnerd like myself have been involved in the making!! The biggest thing for a band back then was to score a 7" deal. Nowadays bands get a deal before they are formed..things change!!! I think they printed around 1000 copies and they all sold out pretty fast. This recording was remastered and re-released thru AvantGarde in 1994 with a pretty boring bonustrack.
My Favetrack: I

DAWN OF DREAMS (Osmose 1992)
1. 21:42
total time 44:34

I really believe we created something unique here. Our mission was to confuse people and being a fresh band on the market and not include the songtitles on the sleeve (only a weird poem could be found!!!) Is an example of Pan-Thy-Monium's weird sense of humour!! I still remember shooting the sleevephoto with my lousy UFO camera on a flight between Denmark and Sweden (to sing on the Maceration album) I still think this album kicks some serious ass. The lyrics were a combination of improvised stuff a la Obituary and the lyrics from the innersleeve of a hardcore record that we bought from a lowprice mailorder during the recording.. If you listen carefully you can hear Robert (now in Edge Of Sanity) sing a lot of stuff about society and the people with the power!! ...and all the Norwegian people thought we were soooo evil.. The openingsong "Raagoonshinaah" is a 21 minute nostalgiaorgasm for me and other stuff like "Amaraah" and "IV" totally shreds too! The coolest thing is that you don't know which tracks I mean!!!! My brother perform some really outrageous saxophone stuff here. The legendary "Submarine-soprano" and some of the freeform stuff is just too weird!!! Awesome!!
My favetrack: "Raagoonshinaah"

KHAOOOHS (Osmose 1993)
1. I manens sken dog en skugga 1:49
2. Under ytan
3. Jag & vem
4. Lava
5. Lmska frsat
6. I vindens vald 0:50
7. Klieveage
8. Ekkhoeece III 0:44
9. Khaoohs I
10. Utsikt 8:12
11. Khaoohs II
total time 44:22

This album is nothing that I'm very proud of. Even though we cracked the excellent idea to sing in Swedish most of the songs turned out strange and the overall mood is to "rocky". The production is kinda strange and the keyboard parts became stressed and atmosphereless but the layout is bizarre (The monsters on the foldout is drawn by some children at the kindergarten where I worked during the recording. I asked them to draw their most horrifying nightmare and they gave me monsters with teeth on their arms and stuff..It was then I realised that having a kid would be a cool thing!!!) and the poems from Dr. Dark are superb. The faked liveversion of "Khaooohs" is a classic too!! A lot of people loved this one and hated the first and vice versa.
My Favetrack: "Utsikt"

DREAM II (cd re-release Avantgarde 1995)
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. Vvoiiccheeces 1:29
5. IV (bonus)
total time 18:59

1. The Battle of Geeheeb 11:51
2. Thee-pherenth 14:44
3. Behrial 6:35
4. In remembrance
total time 34:10

We started to record this one while I was still living in Finspång. The magic of P.T.M. was lost but we gave it all one more try and this time we managed to come closer to the "original". I had an idea to record the album in three parts and release them separately with a month in between and then you could link them all together with the sleeve etc. That idea was cool but I didn't have enough time to fix it. We recorded the basic tracks for the second part right before I moved to Örebro and somehow it felt like the whole thing was falling apart once I left Finspång. I was wrong. I listened to the mastertapes one day at the studio and discovered the embryo of a superalbum. I called all the dudes including leadguitarist/saxophone master Aag (My brother Dag using yet another psuedonym!!) and we finished off the 2 parts of the third album in a day and started shopping. Relapse got back to us, eager to cooperate and they did a great job! The album got good reviews in the states but it never experienced a proper European distribution. An american couple used the ambient track "Behrial" as their weddingmarch!! Cool!
My favetrack: Thee-pherenth.

DAWN OF DREAMS / KHAOOOHS (digipack re-release Osmose 2003)
Disc1: Dawn of Dreams
Disc2: Khaooohs


Pantalgia: International Death Metal Compilation (MBR Records 1992)
7. Klievieage
(demo version 3:03)

Spectrum Ale (Relapse 1996)
5. The Battle of Geheeb (excerpt 5:36