Friday, August 29, 2008

Stay One Jump Ahead [Massive Jester Respekt]

Killing Joke 1986 [Jaz, Geordie and the late Paul Raven]
Killing Joke 2008 [Geordie, Big Paul and Jaz reunited]

Thursday, August 28, 2008



One of These Nights

The next stage of Nachtmystium's seemingly worldwide takeover supporting their newest output - Assassins: Black Meddle Part I - the Chicagoan stormtroopers have just been added to Norway's annual Hole In The Sky Festival this weekend! Frontman Blake Judd speaks: 'This will be our first Scandinavian performance and we're very excited to be there!" Confirmed to play on the main stage Saturday night, joining the amazing weekend lineup including Dismember, At The Gates, Brutal Truth, Municipal Waste, Meshuggah, Inquisition and more, this will be a monumental appearance for the band.

Also just announced, Nachtmystium will be playing alongside Sweden's almighty kings of Satanic black-thrash Nifelhiem, on a one-time American appearance at Chicago's Double Door on September 7th. Judd adds: "Having been Nifelheim fans for over ten years, this is quite the honor for us."

As previously announced, Nachtmystium's run with Opeth and High on Fire through North America goes from mid-September into the first week of October. Soon after that a smaller US tour with friends Wolves In The Throne Room is coming together with several dates confirmed and more in the works.

The band have also been confirmed to join Cathedral, Electric Wizard, Grand Magus, Rwake, Witchcraft and tons of the doom and stoner world's elite this November at Norway's Gunfest.

It's shaping up to be a busy autumn" Judd adds. "We hope to see all of our supporters on the road!"

Nachtmystium w/Nifelheim, The Chasm, Superchrist
09/07/2008 Double Door - Chicago, IL

Nachtmystium with Opeth, High on Fire

09/16/2008 The Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY
09/17/2008 Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA
09/18/2008 Nokia Theatre - New York, NY
09/19/2008 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
09/20/2008 Theatre Imperial - Quebec City, QC
09/21/2008 Centennial Hall - London, ON
09/23/2008 House of Blues - Cleveland, OH
09/24/2008 House of Blues - Chicago, IL
09/25/2008 The Orbit Room - Grand Rapids, MI
09/26/2008 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
09/27/2008 Myth - St. Paul, MN
09/29/2008 The Garrick Center - Winnipeg, MB
09/30/2008 Odeon Events Centre - Saskatoon, SK
10/01/2008 Edmonton Events Centre - Edmonton, AB
10/03/2008 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC
10/04/2008 Showbox @ The Market - Seattle, WA
10/07/2008 The Echo - Los Angeles, CA (Scion Metal Show)

Nachtmystium w/Wolves In The Throne Room

10/10/2008 Berbati's Pan - Portland, OR
10/11/2008 Stillwater - Ashland, CA
10/12/2008 Metro - Oakland, CA
10/14/2008 The Phix - Phoenix AZ
10/17/2008 Red 7 - Austin, TX
10/18/2008 Rubbergloves Rehearsal - Denton, TX
10/19/2008 The Marquee - Tulsa, OK
10/20/2008 The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO
10/21/2008 The Picador - Iowa City, IA
10/23/2008 Uncle Pleasant's - Louisville, KY
10/24/2008 Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI
10/25/2008 Reggie's - Chicago, IL
11/29/2008 Gunfest - Oslo, Norway


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playlist 08.26.08 [Evil Dio Edition]

DIO - Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology
CARCASS - Swansong [ltd. CD/DVD]
TYPE O NEGATIVE - Slow, Deep and Hard and Origin of the Feces
THE BERZERKER - Dissimulate
GORELORD - Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre
SKINNY PUPPY - Bites and Remission
ASBESTOSCAPE - Asbestoscape
MELVINS - Neither Here Nor There
To The Triumph Of Evil ...Witnesses to the Bringer of Life's Decay... - A tribute to Judas Iscariot

On the Way:
KILLING JOKE - Rmxd [Import] and Hosannas from the Basements of Hell [Import CD single]
OINGO BOINGO - Skeletons in the Closet
DARKTHRONE - The Frostland Tapes

Diary of the Dead
Arrested Development (the Complete series)

The Written Word:
The Black Seas of Infinity - H.P. Lovecraft

(((03))) v.2

Monday, August 25, 2008

Enemy of the State

CD $10.00

Kill The Client play grindcore the way it was meant to be played: fast, loud, and angry as fuck. The 18 tracks that comprise Cleptocracy are so mind-bogglingly violent that you really begin to wonder if there is anyone out there more pissed off than these guys. Well…there aren’t. This album will definitely not disappoint.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

What You Don't Know Is Frontier

As the title suggests, Asva's second album maps an internal landscape - wild, vast, open - at once breathtakingly beautiful as it is potentially dangerous. A psychogeographical vista of mountain highs, barren rolling plains and oceanic lows.

Helmed by Stuart Dahlquist, formerly of Burning Witch, Goatsnake and Sunn0))), and recorded with the cream of the Pacific Northwest's rich musical talent, including members of Burning Witch, Mr. Bungle and Earth. What You Don't Know Is Frontier is a lyricless album of immense personal meaning to its creator, giving a very real sense of catharsis for both listener and performers alike. But there's also real hope and resolution at its core.

"...'Frontier' shows you another way of thinking about life; a bona fide piece of art..." 9/10 - Terrorizer, album of the month

"Like Carl Orff covering Winter... It reminds me of the first time I heard Mozart’s Requiem, or Gould's Goldberg Variations. The music has a punishing sort of beauty, and inflicted aesthetics that hands the hearer no choice." - Oaken Throne zine

"Vast yet intimate, its slo-mo soundscapes resonate with decaying guitar bombast, desolate organ and wracked, wordless female vocals." 4/5 - MOJO


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where are they now...

Wrapping up the "where are they now..." of deadrightthere is the very reason the band existed in the first place. The very outspoken and extreme, Morgan from Kill the Client. I first met Morgan at a New Years party '01-'02 and we hit it off pretty much from the start. From there, Morgan assembled the rest of the guys and deadrightthere was born. Contained here is the most recent interview Morgan did direct from his blog on MySpace. Click on the pic and check out the KTC page. Hails to you brother Morgan and congrats on your recent nuptials as well!!!


1-man, I really see you band in a different way, you know, do you make grindcore as the old bands but with some different thing, that name Kill The Client is an extremely original
name, is that really insane, tell me, what kind of a men create a band like "kill the Client(is because of your vision about politics, violence, misery )?
we try to play what we feel. we play old school power-grind, but the technicallity is still there. it's all about the riff. there is no power in notes. if you spend all your time poppin guitar wheelies you lose the the feel of the song. we want to plow you over with the power of the music. everybody together just smashing you.
member-wise we are all different individuals from different places and back grounds. james and i are older. the rest of the guys are a little younger but have been around. we see the world for what it is and try to convey that through music. we live in the most prosperous powerful nation on earth. but our leaders are corrupt profit mongers. KILL THE CLIENT is our vehicle to expose the corruption and open peoples eyes and get them to act.
the names is actually a sales term. it's basicly says "by any means neccissary" to get it done, to make the sale. we just use that againist the actual meaning.

2- we will speak a little of your kill the client graphic jobs, the first cd: wage slave -with men without face in social clothes and the second play escalation of hostility:
children with a gaz mask in a chaotic world; I should admit that a shirt with the suicidal priest would be fantastic too, you work with specific artists?
on our first record rob middleton, who did all the sick artwork for NAPALM DEATH, did the layout. it was an honor to have an artist who did the artwork for your heros do your graphics. on "escalation of hostility" aaron nichols, from the band DEFEATIST, did that layout. that was our first truly political album. aaron really put the art with the message. aaron has done the artwork for the new album "cleptocracy". wait until you see that! amazing! that album will be out in late sept/early oct on willowtip. the priest artwork was sent to us by this kid. i don't think any of us ever even met him. but he sent that picture with the message "i hope you like my artwork". that shit is sick. just a amazing powerful picture. i owe him some beers or something!haha!

3-in 2005 you did play in MDF, beside bands as Xxx-Maniak, Regurgitate, Aborted, Impaled, Pig Destroyer and many other, this festival is one of the most "cult" extreme music
festivals in the world, and did you have a great presentation, as it was the public's reaction and the insanity in the stage?
MDF was our first really big show. we had the best time there and would love to do it again. when we started all i said was "we're KILL THE CLIENT from dallas,tx. that's where president kennedy got hit and we're ready to take out george bush next"! after that the guys just layed it out and i went crazy. i spent most of the set on top of the crowd and on the floor. people were going apeshit all around me. it was awesome! plus two days of seeing and hanging out with the best bands in the world was great. hopefully we'll get invited back soon.

4-Speak us all about this new album Cleptocracy.
cleptocracy is the next level record for us. it is by far the best thing we have ever done. we have a solid line up and are fully functioning as a team. james, chris, and i all wrote lyrics. it's our most political and socially eye opening material to date. and the music is just pummeling. it's like a full-on onslaught from beginning to end. adding brian(phobia, noisear, gridlink) and dorian(noisear) to the band has just turned everything up. those four guys are a fuckin writing grinding machine. i just set back sometimes and see them killing it. they are all truely amazing musicians. wait until you hear it! it's our 2nd willowtip records release. there will also be a vinyl release of cleptocracy on rescued from life records. good times ahead!

5-As they are the plans for future shows in USA ?
we just finished doing some shows with DESPISE YOU. which was awesome. we are on the willowtip tour this year. it's phobia, impailed, kill the client, malignancy, illogist, and maruta(who fuckin rule, check them out). we'll be out for about 2 weeks on that tour. but we have shows scattered through out the end of the year. we really want to do more fests this year. we'll see what happens.

6-Gigs here in Brazil man... is impossible or not?
who knows, brother. we never count anything out! james grew up in ecuador and has always wanted to take us down there. we would love to hit south america and grind it up!

7-Are you a great MMA Fan right? Speak man, Affliction or UFC?
i have been an mma fan and training myself for a long time. i try to support the organization that supports the fighter the most. i try to watch and support all the organizations. unfortunatly dana white(ufc president) has turned out to be kind of an asshole. he is very disrespectful to any fighter that doesn't do what he wants. any fighter that won't sign with the ufc is a scrub or a bum is eyes. he wants too much control. he wants to have all the players and count all the money. which is complete bullshit. i've always been a ufc guy but,affliction has some of my favorite guys now. barrnet is one of my favorites! two words... CATCH WRESTLER! he "rips it". some of the old schoolers will understand that term. matt linland is tough as nails. and what can't be said about fedor? he's a machine. calm, basic, and brutal. when he and randy couture(my favorite of all time) fight it will be amazing! and that will be an affliction fight. i really just like individual fighters more than organizations. vanderlai, dan henderson, the greatness of forrest griffin,aoki, gsp, florian, stann, condit all super tough guys. frank shamrock is a genius. and uriah faber is freak of nature. but the toughest guy on earth is jon fitch. just a straight up warrior. bj penn is beyond anyone. but anderson silva... who can stop that guy? he is pound for pound the best. great stand up, bjj black belt, all the tools.
shit, i could talk about this all day. we'll talk more about this next time.

8-now speak about the split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, what your opinion about this freak band and this release, was a good experiencie? He had a good divulgation/promotion ?
the spilt with AnB was great. we've always been huge fans. scott hull does all of our mastering. when he asked us to do that split it was a priviledge. it turned out awesome, it sold out in less than a week from relapse. we are also on hulls new comp "this comp kills fascists" . there are some sick bands on there. shitstorm rule, weekend nachos rip, brutal truth, maruta, insect warfare(our texas brothers), magrudergrind! it's a brutally crushing comp. check it out!

9- The Champ,thank you so much for this interview, sorry for my bad english and speak any for the Brazilian Kill the Client fanatics!
thanks for asking me for the interview. next time we'll throw in some portugesse to make it even! haha! KILL THE CLIENT loves all of our south american brothers and sisters! hope to see you all soon! GRIND YOUR MIND!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Re-build Your Weapons

I had 7,000 plus songs on my media player which for the sake of work had to be deleted. It took 2 years to amass that list which only contained a few selections that where not from albums I actually own as I'm not an advocate of that downloading as saying "I own it" thing.

So, I've started all over again. So far I'm up to 1,671 items and am at this very moment ripping Force Fed on Human Flesh by Gorelord and today will get Godflesh by Godflesh and Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology done as well.

I doubt I'll put everything back but everything new I've been getting is going on. Future new additions include: Asbestoscape, the Swansong re-master by Carcass (finally), then the rest of my Samhain and Absu collection, the majority of what Skinny Puppy I have (something like 11 CDs) and all the crust Patchie sent (yes those were ripped). Here's to the long process.


Monday, August 18, 2008



Friday, August 15, 2008

No one else will say it... I will. Carcass inviting that mongoloid Angela Gos-SOW up on stage with them was and is a stupid idea. We all know that Amott's head is so far up her ass it's a wonder he's even involved with the Carcass reunion but does he HAVE to keep insisting that "super tramp" jump up there too? It's not enough that mainstream metal media is just cramming this talent-less "relying on the fact that she's a tarted up female" down our throats at every opportunity , but now she has to soil an otherwise godly reunion with her stink. WTF?! Do the fans of real music and real talent have to start a petition to ban this twat from skunking up real metal? FUCK!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

JSTN vs. Catalyst

From Justin: “Catalyst” is a group exhibition that will include eight of today’s most prominent visual artists from the abrasive music community. The exhibit will bring together an underground community of artists in which aural and visual expressions converge. Artwork on display will comprise of a wide source of media, including new two-dimensional paintings, drawings, video installations, screen prints as well as an installation of seminal works from each of the artists’ extensive catalogues.

Artists Included: Aaron Turner, Josh Graham, Seldon Hunt, Stephen Kasner, Aaron Horkey, Florian Bertmer, Justin Bartlett and Dwid Hellion. Curated by Brett Aronson. The “Catalyst” group show will be on display at FIFTY24SF Gallery September 4 – 25, 2008. Opening Reception: Thursday, September 4, 2008 from 7 – 9:30 p.m.

252 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Phone: 415.252.9144

I will have two special edition prints and some t-shirts available. One of the prints will be available only through the gallery, it's a 24" x 24" print of the PENTEMPLE illustration. I will also have a very limited triptych available as well. It's a set of three 12" x 12" prints. They are all printed on heavy, gallery-quality, acid-free paper.

Everyone has their own very large wall to present their work. Make sure you come out, it will be an amazing show.

Special thanks to Seldon Hunt, Stephen Kasner, Brett Aronson, and Stephen O'Malley!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Playlist 08.12.08

SUNN 0))) - Grimmrobe Demos & Oracle
PENTEMPLE - 0))) Presents... (kills!)
UNSANE - Total Destruction
SKINNY PUPPY - Bites & Remission
TANGORODRIM - Justus Ex Fide Vivit
PAN-THY-MONIUM - III: Khaooohs and Kon-Fus-Ion
OLD MAN GLOOM - Meditations in B
NASUM - Shift
CARCASS - Heartwork (still)
IMMORTAL - Pure Holocaust
ISIS - Celestial
SAMHAIN - November-Coming-Fire & Initium


Monday, August 11, 2008

SUNN 0))) presents: Shoshin/GrimmRobes Tour

With honor, SUNN 0))) is announcing four live performances in the United States, to recognize the 10th anniversary of SUNN 0)))'s creation, and to coincide with the recording of the first album... The GrimmRobe Demos.

SUNN 0)) will be playing material from GrimmRobes exclusively. It will be a return to their primal origins, and approach respecting a concept of shoshin (初心), the beginner's mind, the yet undyed pure wool, the clarity in initiation upon the untraveled.

The attitude of embodying the basics precisely, point by point, line by line, with an immovable faith in the teaching, experience and of beyond the possibility. Of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when approaching, even with much experience, just as a beginner would upon the initial impetus and thirst to seek the path.

And so, with this mindset, they will be approaching these live concerts. Pure, raw, uninhibited invocations featuring 0)))s core members: Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson ONLY. No guests, no vocals, no keyboards. We hope you will join us....

10/10/2008 Safari Sam's - Los Angeles, CA
w/John Weise,
more TBA
10/12/2008 Berbati's Pan - Portland, OR - Fall Into Darkness Fest
10/15/2008 Knitting Factory - New York, NY
w/Tony Conrad, Thou
10/16/2008 First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA
w/Thou, more TBA


Friday, August 08, 2008

Unearthed Simian Arcana

The biggest problem with a band releasing a 3" CD is 1) that you cannot play it anywhere and 2) when they package it in anything other than a normal CD case there's a chance of it being misplaced and it can't be kept with the rest of your collection.

That being said, the August 2003 release of Christmas Eve I and II + 6 by Old Man Gloom is about a grand total of a little over a minute of quality material in the form of 2 songs: "Skull Of Geronimo (Feat. The Vocal Stylings Of James Randall)" – 0:36 and "Branch Breaker" (Live In NYC) – 0:49. The rest of what resides on this disc is noise (save for the "chew on tin foil" version of "To Be With You" by Mr. Big) and while admittedly that is in fact what OMG is known for putting in between their actual songs, these are of the "my god, that's just un-listen-able" nature boasting the "let's see what we can get away with" vibe of twinkling noise that goes nowhere.

Not to be a TOTAL rip-off preying on the fans and collectors, the 1:25 of good stuff is in fact well worth the price of admission (I paid $5 + Shipping from Blue Collar Distro when it came out) and YES, those two short "songs" are worth it.

Now, all THAT being said, this little CD is well out of print so prepare to pay out the ass for one from the cock-suckers on eBay. My advice, try to get the vinyl when/if Magic Bullet does a re-issue. The packaging is WAY better and a fuck of a lot easier to keep track of. Other than that, this "little" release truly is a Gratuitous Release Made By Sensible Musicians Doing Questionable Things.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

(((03))) vs. 0)))

"In May of 2007 the mighty SUNN 0))) embarked on a Pacific Rim tour that included performances in Australia and Japan. The lineup for this tour included the core Sunn 0))) duo: Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley plus T.O.S. (Moog), Oren Ambarchi (analog effects and supplemental guitar) and vokillist Attila Csihar. Upon arrival in Sydney,, Sunn 0))) invited one of their favourite black metal artists: Striborg over from Tasmania to collaborate with them during their show. This unholy meeting went over very well and the inaugural ritual was a warm up gig at the Toft In Town club one evening before the larger gig at the Hi-Fi Bar (w/brethren: Boris). The results of this collaboration was a completely improvisational, vicious audio and visual assault on the sold out, standing room only audience. This was among the first time that Sunn 0))) had worked with live drums and the outcome was completely unprecedented. The whole event was recorded live to 24-track/multi-track. Afterwards Oren Ambarchi edited, sequenced and overhauled the EQ to make it as brutal as possible."

I just obtained my copy from a place that sells stuff online (cough...). My ending price, $.99 + $2.00 (s+h). In fact, I've had to go to other sources for my SL items due to the sheer gauge of their shipping ($7 -$8 for one item, which is ludicrous and in most cases 50% of the item price). I'm all for supporting labels, especially ones putting out such grandiose audio but when your shipping is double, triple and even quadruple what it is everywhere else then I have to consider if I want to pay that or put that money toward more music. Guess which of those things wins EVERY time...


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sick (in my head)


Monday, August 04, 2008

The Recurrent Theme