Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Two colossal bands, Tombs and Castevet, performing at SXSW this year under the banners of Brooklyn Vegan and Profound Lore. Austin day party at Lovejoys will run from noon-7pm. FREE, March 19th. Music or Die!


Käz-mik Hərs

As responsible for introducing me to new music as he is for reminding me of great gems from the past, Aesop Dekker's Cosmic Hearse Blog is a vast array of music that must be visited to be believed. It displays bands and artists rooted in many genre's, all of which carry the banner of brilliance. From Hyper-Jazz to Uber-Kvlt, Aesop is the man, truly. Visit and enjoy and as always, Music or Die!


The Plus of The Minus Times

I obtained a copy of this CD after getting Mosquito Control in Austin the day after deadrightthere played a skate park north of there. I was floored by how heavily influenced they were by GODFLESH without totally ripping them off. However, it could not have prepared me for the total brilliance of The Red Sea, which I ordered from Relapse with a birthday gift certificate given to me by deadrightthere guitarist, Dave Powell (Happy Birthday to him, today, BTW!).

Although very short in length, it is by far one of my favorite albums and is smothered in obscure passages from the a short-lived David Lynch project called Hotel Room which adds layers of a haunting and disorienting, nonexistent storyline.

I was also lucky enough to get a copy of the 8" first press in opaque orange/white marble which is limited to 88 copies, world-wide (the only version that is more rare is the aqua/green transition version which is limited to 3 copies and is likely not owned by anyone not in the band or with the label).

In the grand scheme of the all-too-short career if ISIS, this stands alone as their heaviest and most extreme moment in my opinion and is worth a listen from anyone who worships at the altar of GODFLESH but sometimes needs to hear them honored instead of copied.

EP, Second Nature Recordings
April 16th, 1999

1.Charmicarmicarmicat Shines to Earth02:23
2.The Minus Times05:25
3.Red Sea07:17


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boris to Release Two Albums on the Same Day

This spring, Japanese fuzz-rock overlords Boris will pull a Guns N' Roses/Springsteen/Bright Eyes and release two albums on the same day. Outside of Japan, Sargent House will release the new albums Heavy Rocks and Attention Please on April 26.

Boris already released an album called Heavy Rocks in 2002, but this new Heavy Rocks is a completely different work, one destined to confuse record-keepers for years to come. The new one even has similar cover art to the last one. According to a press release, the band is bringing back the title because the new album "seeks to redefine 'heavy' music in a culmination of the band's tireless efforts over the past two decades." Makes perfect sense!

Attention Please, meanwhile, marks the first time guitarist Wata has sung lead on an entire Boris album.

We've got the covers and tracklists for both albums below. Also below, check out the band's video for "Statement".

Heavy Rocks:

01 Riot Sugar
02 8
04 Jackson Head
05 Missing Pieces
06 Key
07 Window Shopping
08 Tu, la la
09 Aileron
10 Czechoslovakia

Attention Please:

01 Attention Please
02 Hope
03 Party Boy
04 See You Next Week
05 Tokyo Wonder Land
06 16:47:52...
07 Aileron
08 Les Paul Custom '86
09 Spoon
10 Hand in Hand


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BLACK BREATH Prepare For Tour; Recording Plans Announced

Northwestern metallic hardcore assassins BLACK BREATH have announced an upcoming rash of live attacks in North America for the coming months, kicking off with the Scion Rock Fest in Pomona, California March 5th alongside labelmates Nails, as well as Morbid Angel, Integrity, Obituary, Bastard Noise, Atheist and countless more.

BLACK BREATH also now unveil new tour dates for as they forge their way across the Midwest and Northeast US on a return trip to Massachusetts’ God City Studios (Converge, Trap Them, The Secret, Disfear) to have Kurt Ballou again put the BLACK BREATH sound to tape for their second full-length album as with their Heavy Breathing debut. To once again be released via Southern Lord Recordings, more info on the album and recording updates will be issued over the coming weeks.

Confirmed BLACK BREATH Live Assaults:
3/05/2011 The Glass House - Pomona, CA @ Scion Rock Fest
3/16/2011 Albion House – Chicago, IL
3/17/2011 Revolution – Toledo, OH
3/18/2011 Sugar City - Buffalo, NY
3/19/2011 PA’s Lounge – Boston, MA
4/02/2011 The Studio At Webster Hall – New York, NY w/ Ken Mode
4/03/2011 Warren Legion Hall – Warren, NJ w/ Ken Mode
4/04/2011 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA w/ Ken Mode
4/05/2011 Chestnut House – Louisville, KY
4/06/2011 Fubar Lounge – St. Louis, MO
4/07/2011 Scion Lab -Kansas City, MO
4/08/2011 Blast O Mat - Denver, CO

Like Entombed fighting Wolfpack in a Poison Idea cover song competition after soaking in bourbon for a year, BLACK BREATH’s tonal massiveness is as crushing and dominating as it is upbeat and empowering. The Seattle-based quintet’s heavy sound integrates elements invented by Swedish death metal and hardcore legends, yet still flowing with plenty of pissed-off American blood, as proven on their potent Razor To Oblivion EP — released in early 2009 then re-released by Southern Lord later in the year — and then even more impressively on their debut full-length Heavy Breathing, which infiltrated endless best of 2010 lists everywhere.