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A bit o' Repoeshun...


ABSU: Visiter de la Magic(k)

Exclusive tour pics from recent live excursions. Many thanks to Proscriptor!


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CD Version available for purchase now on Avalanche Recordings. Go to the new and almost complete Avalanche Website here and head to the store. Shipping begins mid next week, July 29th onwards.

Full album length song Infinity on Avalanche Recordings (AREC017), written, recorded and mixed early 2009, with all instruments by Justin K Broadrick. Infinity is the most expansive and organic jesu release to date, here JKB revisits his roots of heavy guitar driven music yet still retaining the ethereal atomsphere / soundscape of modern jesu. Approximately fifty minutes of music, CD housed in a beautiful 6 panel digi sleeve. First edition of 2000. Vinyl edition of 1300 copies of which the first 400 are on grey vinyl, the remaining 900 on black, all pressed on super heavvyweight 180grm vinyl will be available late August, MP3 / FLAC available in approximately 7-10 days.


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Monozygotic Bird of Prey

In much the same way Harvey Milk defied categorization when they spilled onto the scene in the early '90s, so too does Eagle Twin defy pinpointing with their debut album, The Unkindness of Crows.

The Album starts off like the bastard child of instrumental Black Flag ala The Process of Weeding Out with the freestyle jazz-noise fest of "In the Beginning was the Scream". Haunting guitar tones over even more haunting chants of god-knows-what before dropping into what almost resembles a song.

"Murder of..." slams, simple as that. Think Thou's Tyrant with the sickness of it all replaced by a Mississippi duck hunter who was lost in the woods 20 years ago and has grown an appetite for depressed teenage girls who haplessly end up in his basement. Not kidding, spooky only "kinda" describes it. Warned.

"Birds of Black Hot Fire" kicks things into gear...but only 2nd gear at best. Slow in approach and heavy handed in delivery, this sludge with extra gravy makes you wonder if your blood will ever again flow through your veins now that it's turned into cement. Coat that with a nice Melvins-y sheen and you've got yourself a fuckin' ditty!

"Storytelling of Ravens" is what I'd call a glance into a world where Tom Waits wrote and performed prose over the music of SUNN O))), then they recorded it, you bought it on vinyl and placed it on your turntable turning it 1/2 speed with your finger...ever look at the moon...on weed?
"Crow Hymn" marries all the aspects of a Southern Lord band together without really letting you easily say for sure of who it reminds you. "Yeah, it reminds me of..." fill in the blank and you'll only be about an eighth right as there is so much going on here. Listen, enjoy...but you aren't done yet.

"Carry on, King of Carrion" is the kind of tune that'd get Dylan Carlson fans to pep right up and pay attention. The "Earth" tones present give it the same vibe as one might hear from Mr. Carlson's later day work sprinkling ever so subtly here and there some the best of what made the early work of those bands from the state in the far north-eastern part of the country... Eh, hem...

Which brings us to the end of the first Eagle Twin opus in the form of "And it came to pass that birds rain down as black snakes". What better way to cap off an album with the sum of all it's parts? I tell you, Eagle Twin's got something in their water, something sounds like the south, something that swings like the swamp, that swelters like the desert...that kills like a drought and refreshes like spring rain.

If you haven't heard Eagle Twin'll want to do yourself a favor and look into doing so before you become the last person in "the know".


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Witching Hour


This September (...finally)


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Have Gun - Will Devastate

AMBASSADOR GUN began in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the summer of 2002. Within the music, there is ingrained a unique ability to master catchy and truly memorable elements. Using rhythmic and aggressive vocal patterns, dissonant down-tuned chords and progressions along with drive saturated low-end. They envelop music expressing comical, political and social disdain; put home lyrically, and fired through a blistering soundtrack of metal, punk, grooves and grind.

Previously known as A SECOND FROM THE SURFACE, the band have shared the stage regionally with national acts including Today Is The Day, Weedeater, Sourvein, Dead To Fall, Battlefields, Red Sparrowes and countless more over recent years, and further live/tour plans are in the works for the coming year.

To be released August 11th on the bands' own imprint Pangea Recordings, the band's 4th full-length When In Hell is a thunderous, angst-ridden, cross-genre stampede of energy, combining elements of Slayer, Nasum, Cattle Decapitation, Mastodon and more.

8/15/2009 Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN (When In Hell CD Release Show)
8/28/2009 Filth Moon Fest - St. Paul, MN


(((03:Earsplit PR)))

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My father, Orin Kim Amyx.

(((03))) (photo by Sunni)

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The Accüsed

On Sunday July 12, 2009, as they prepare for the Supersonic Festival gig and London's Scala Club UK appearance at the end of the month, THE ACCÜSED will play an impromptu, friends and family-style midnight live set of material at fave watering hole The Bit Saloon, located in Northwest Seattle's historic Ballard neighborhood.

For this sneak-peek live set, THE ACCÜSED will include brand new songs from their upcoming Southern Lord Records CD The CURSE Of Martha Splatterhead (scheduled for release on August 5th) as well as many of their classic Splatter Rock favorites.

Local support acts will join the band on the bill this night so early arrival is suggested. Patrons are asked to give a small donation at the door which will go directly to R.A.I.N.N. (Rape Abuse Incest National Network), an organization the band strongly supports. For more info visit:

The Bit Saloon
4818 17th Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107-4723
(206) 782-1680

The official record release celebration for The CURSE Of Martha Splatterhead is scheduled for August 5, 2009 at Neumo's in Seattle where they will be joined by headliners Sunn O))) + support act Eagle Twin, to begin their West Coast Tour together.

8/05/09 Neumo’s - Seattle, WA
8/08/09 Independent - San Francisco, CA
8/09/09 Historic Brookdale Lodge - Brookdale, CA
8/11/09 Center for Arts, Eagle Rock - Los Angeles, CA
8/13/09 Bluebird Theatre - Denver, CO
8/14/09 Avalon Theatre - Salt Lake City, UT

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LOCRIAN - Drenched Lands

Lending itself more to the likes of House of Low Culture than to name drop contemporaries Sunn O))), there's a distant, resonant desperation to the music of Locrian that doesn't separate it from the later but is more closely related to the uniqueness of the former.

From their first full-length studio album, Drenched Lands, "Obsolete Elegy in Effluvia and Dross" is a straightforward soundscape that seemingly promises hope and refuge. A sublime turning point from a path one dare not take and a prologue to what lay ahead.
"Ghost Repeater" is drone the way it was meant to be ingested. Layers of sub-static and maddening free form synths echoed in the halls of a mind that could only belong to the introverted. Simple in it's essence, epic in it's delivery.
"Barren Temples Obscured By Contaminated" strums in the kind of terror that exists before the stalker attacks rather than punching us in the face with the kind of obviousness of where the song could go. This carries on, allowing us to savor the exhausting horror of anticipation, never dropping us into the pit over which we dangle.
"Epicedium" summons up beauty and serenity within subtle guitar tones and synths leading up to heaviness that never is overbearing but adds just enough flavour to an already appealing structure.
"Obsolete Elegy in Cast Concrete" is a return visit to the graveyards once strolled by a young Béla Lugosi type and is layered with the crush of guitar and tortured vocal misery the likes of which create pictures in ones mind of said graveyards slowly teaming with life made up of the dead... Brilliance by way of darkness and imagination.
The album is capped with the 30 minute, 9 second soundtrack-esque "Greyfield Shrines". This opus sums up the album (and band) as a whole, encompassing more than the mere sum of it's parts. Guitar and synth blend together inducing images of landscapes deserted and cold and home to the rust and decay of civilizations long gone. Half way through one is jarred from the ambiance and cast out into a furnace of Merzbow worship that will have you begging to have the spikes pulled from your palms and feet and have them inserted into the heart.

Locrian deliver audio that is not for the faint of heart, but rather for the strong of imagination. At no point in my frequent listens to Locrain did it not take me to places one would likely see in early Lynch or mid-career Tsukamoto.

Interesting facts: The Locrian mode is a musical mode or diatonic scale. It may be considered a minor scale with the second and fifth scale degrees lowered a semi-tone. The Locrian mode may also be considered as a scale beginning on the seventh scale degree of any Ionian, or major scale.

Examples of which are:
"Symptom of the Universe" by Black Sabbath is said to be in Locrian mode
The beginning of "YYZ" by Rush is in C Locrian
The main riff of "Painkiller" by Judas Priest
"Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" by Pink Floyd

LOCRIAN on Myspace


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Å seing Frem